Friday, March 8, 2013

Week 9

Bills 33    Bengals 21
First Downs: 23
Total Distance Left to Travel: 33 miles

While we finally made our way  back up to the .500 mark, just need to pull one off in Miami and we can post a winning record. For the first time this season, our offense took control of the game and was able to move the ball effectively. Steve Fairchild called one of his best games so far, hopefully this is not a one week thing. After Miami we face some much stiffer competition than we have in the last month, and our offensive needs to continue to be aggressive. 

I have been particularly impressed with our offensive line the past couple of weeks. Their pass protection keeps getting better, and Marshawn Lynch is able to get a lot more yards on the ground as a result of their improved run blocking. The more our offense controls the ball, the better and faster our defense can play. 

With a game that featured a ton of offense, I was able to cover a lot of miles this week. If the Bills keep this up I might be waiting outside the stadium for a week. Finally, a quick update on my quest for publicity for this project, up to this point I have not heard from Larry Norton at 97 Rock, so I sent emails to Al Wilson at the Buffalo News and Artvoice. We’ll see if I have better luck with the papers. 

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