Friday, March 8, 2013

Week 10

Bills 13    Dolphins 10
First Downs: 15
Total Distance Left to Travel: 18 miles

I guess you can say that a win is a win. For the first three quarters I thought that I was watching a baseball game with the score being 3-2. However with the defense playing strong all game, the offense was able to put it together enough in the end to pull it out. Marshawn was impressive with back to back runs into the end zone to tie the game at 10 a piece. Unfortunately, it looks like we are going to lose him for next week. 

In a very offensively challenged game, I was still able to pick up a good amount of miles. Looks like I should have no problem getting to the game on time. I have yet to hear back from both the Buffalo News and Artvoice, but I sent them follow up emails the beginning of the week. Let’s hope for the best this week aganist the Pats.

Go Bills!

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