Friday, March 8, 2013

Week 7

Bills 19    Ravens 14
First Downs: 14
Total Distance Left to Travel: 75 miles

It wasn’t the most action packed of games to watch but a good win none the less. The Bills finally look like they are starting to gel more on both sides of the ball. The offense, though it hasn’t been putting much on the board in the way of points, has been holding on to the ball much longer, and this shows in the improved play of our defense. 

Despite the fact that WIllis McGhee was able to get over a hundred yards rushing, it still felt good to hand him a loss in his first visit back. The Jets are up this week, which should make for a more exciting game to watch. I am interested to see how Edwards does seeing a team for the second time around. 

On this week’s trip, I was able to get to the Rochester area, and according to my milage I am past the half way point. I thought that I would finish this blog with a quick update on the email I sent to Chris Brown at As of yet, I have not heard back from him regarding my request. I will be sending him a second email this week along with one to Larry Norton at 97 Rock that serves as the flagship station for the Bills. More on this in next weeks blog.

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